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At COSTANDI DESIGNS, we believe that your walls are a canvas for your imagination, and our luxury wall coverings are the brushstrokes that bring your vision to life. Transform your walls into stunning focal points, adding depth, character, and timeless elegance to your home. Explore our range of luxurious wall coverings to discover the perfect backdrop for your unique style and to create an ambiance that truly speaks to your individuality.

“We are dedicated to transforming your spaces into breathtaking works of art.”


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Control light with a flick of your finger: Explore the art of illumination with Hunter Douglas blinds.

Whether you seek the elegance of custom shades, the precision of motorized blinds, or the energy efficiency of cellular shades, our Hunter Douglas collection has something to complement every design vision and lifestyle.

2017_SIL_India Silk_Living Room_Before2017_SIL_India Silk_Living Room_After